Valerie Shebroe, Ph.D.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Kolmes present on a number of different topics, and have also followed their thoughtful writing on Social Media Policy Development.  They are at the forefront of ethics, policy development, use of technology and clinical practice.  As a mid-career psychologist and “late adapter,”  they have helped me think through issues related to social media, my own privacy, and the client’s privacy as well.  Early career professionals can also benefit from their workshops as those who have grown up with social media and have less experience, may need more assistance to navigate the intersection of clinical and social media issues. There are only a few presenters in my 25+ year career that I can say I would go hear, no matter what the topic, and Dr. Kolmes is on my short list.  As a researcher, thinker and clinician, Dr. Kolmes is a dynamic presenter who integrates technology, research, ethics, and practice.