My Article on Bias in Mental Health Services to BDSM Clients

I have finally gotten around to scanning and uploading a copy of my article “Investigating bias in psychotherapy with BDSM clients.” It was based upon my dissertation research in which I used an anonymous Internet survey to ask 175 BDSM clients and 17 mental health professionals about their awareness of biased and exemplary psychotherapuetic care to BDSM-identified individuals. From the data collected, I summarized themes of both positive and negative care towards BDSM clients in hopes of creating future guidelines for working ethically and responsibly with this sexual minority community. This was initially published in the Journal of Homosexuality which had a special double issue on BDSM in 2006. All of the articles in the double issue were later republished as a book called Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures.

Feel free to read the article, but be advised that you will be downloading a 25 page PDF document.