My Continuing Education Training: Clinical and Ethical Issues Related to Social Networking and College Mental Health

This Friday, October 23rd, I will be presenting a 5 hour Continuing Education training that I organized for the annual Northern California Training Directors Conference. This conference will be attended by Training Directors and clinical trainees of fifteen Bay Area college counseling centers.

I will be joined by James Lyda, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist at the Tang Center at UC Berkeley, who will present a morning segment on research on Facebook and on college students’ usage of social networking sites. I’m very excited about this training and about hearing about the clinical issues that Training Directors and interns are encountering.

The outline and schedule are below:

Northern California Training Directors Conference

Clinical and Ethical Issues Related to Social Networking and College Mental Health

October 23, 2009

9:00am – 3:00pm

This training focuses on Web 2.0 social networking and its relevance to college mental health. Clinicians will learn how students are using the Internet and what related issues they may be bringing into treatment. We will also cover clinicians’ personal and professional online presence and how this may intersect with their clinical role. We will also discuss related clinical, legal, and ethical issues as they come up in social networking and  college mental health.

II. The Google Factor

II. Research on College Students’ Usage of Social Networking Sites

III. Facebook, Friending, and Privacy Settings


IV.  Overview of Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, FriendFeed, Foursquare, LinkedIn and other sites

V. Blogging, RSS feeds, and personal ads

VI.  Clinical, Legal and Ethical Issues as they relate to the Internet and social networking

VII. Discussion


VIII. Small Group Breakouts with Clinical Vignettes

IX. Larger discussion of Vignettes

X. Completion of Paperwork and Surveys