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“Dr. Keely Kolmes is one of the most extensively cited authorities on the interplay between social media and clinical practice. Her widely circulated social media policy has served as the starting point for thousands, if not tens of thousands of clinicians worldwide. She is also on the forefront of research on client-therapist encounters on social media. Thus, it should come as no surprise that she has also become one of the most highly sought speakers and experts on these topics.  Her grounding workshops explore the interplay between the sharing world of internet life and the deeply private space of clinical practice. These are dynamic issues where there are no easy solutions and many potentially “right” answers. Dr. Kolmes is adept at exploring these complex issues in her engaging, yet down to earth style. Attendees leave her workshops wiser and better prepared for the changes that face us all as our social worlds continue to change.”
Adam Alban, Ph.D., J.D., San Francisco, CA


“I have had the pleasure of interviewing and creating an online course with Dr. Keely Kolmes on the topic of social media and digital ethics. Keely is internationally known for her social media policy, which is used in many countries, including Australia. Keely is an outstanding speaker, teacher, ethicist, consultant, and has the ability to develop engaging and thought-provoking curricula and policies. Her presentation and interview for my online counseling directory was of the highest standard and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many counsellors and psychologists. There’s no doubt she is a leader in the field of mental health and on the cutting edge of developments in the realm of digital and social media ethics.”

Clinton Power, Relationship Counsellor, Sydney, Australia


“I had the good fortune to attend Dr. Kolmes’ full-day ethics seminar on social media for mental health clinicians. I was struck by the depth of her knowledge of both practical and ethical issues, as well as her ability to communicate problems and solutions to an audience of primarily “digital immigrants.” It is clear that Dr. Kolmes understands these issues at an experiential level, and is not simply theorizing or parroting the work of others, although she has an extensive knowledge of the relevant literature. Indeed, her work is seminal in the field of “digital ethics.” It is difficult to train or consult on topics of modern ethics without referencing publications from Dr. Kolmes, especially her Social Media Policy and research around boundary crossings and confidentiality concerns online. I can confidently recommend her for speaking, training, consulting, and curriculum development in these areas.”
Roy Huggins, MS NCC, Director, Person-Centered Tech, Portland, OR


“I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Kolmes present on a number of different topics, and have also followed her thoughtful writing on Social Media Policy Development.  She is at the forefront of ethics, policy development, use of technology and clinical practice.  As a mid-career psychologist and “late adapter,”  she has helped me think through issues related to social media, my own privacy, and the client’s privacy as well.  Early career professionals can also benefit from her workshops as they have grown up with social media and due to less experience, may need more assistance to navigate the intersection of clinical and social media issues. There are only a few presenters in my 25+ year career that I can say I would go hear, no matter what the topic, and Dr. Kolmes is on my short list.  As a researcher, thinker and clinician, Dr. Kolmes is a dynamic presenter who integrates technology, research, ethics, and practice.”
Valerie Shebroe, Ph.D., Independent Practitioner, East Lansing, MI


“I’d heard wonderful things about Dr. Kolmes and her social networking policy. Everything I’d heard was true. Her policy is so thoughtful, collaborative, and caring (and of course ethical), that I immediately incorporated it into my policies. Then I had the good fortune to attend one of her workshops. She provided a wonderful “frame” for thinking about social media in clinical practice (and personal use), and she empowered all of us to apply our ethical code to social media and the various clinical situations we face in our practices. I learned so much from her. She was helpful in using the ethical guidelines as a structure for thinking through the issues and contextualizing the choices she’d made in her practice, but also created space for practitioners who make different decisions after careful clinical consideration. Since then, we have served together on an ethics committee and an ongoing peer consultation group. Both have given me an opportunity to become more familiar with her collaborative and curious consultation style, as well as her clear ethical compass.”
Dr. Robin Rosenberg, San Francisco, CA