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Matthew Jameson

Recruiter / Digital Marketing & Media Coordinator

(310) 289-5085, ext. 102

Matthew Jameson works in a multi-faceted role at The Jameson Group in the recruitment. digital marketing, media, and promotional areas.

As a Recruiter for The Jameson Group, Matt works closely with John Jameson and Becky Monzon on our high value partner recruiting searches.  Matt is involved from start to finish identifying, contacting and working with high value partners. Matt is also in charge of the company’s highly selective associate searches.

As the Digital Marketing Analyst for The Jameson Group, Matt analyzes and coordinates The Jameson Group’s marketing efforts and online presence to help increase awareness, create interest and help install brand loyalty. With his education and background in digital advertising, Matt brings a wealth of analytical expertise and experience to The Jameson Group’s marketing and recruitment. He graduated from New York University in 2013 with a degree in marketing.