Dr. David Trader is dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality psychiatric services to elders and their families.

Late Life Neuro-Psychiatric Counseling and Consulting


Aging with

Testamentary Capacity Consulting

Caring, Respecting, Responding, and Understanding

Dr. Trader is a Leader in Geriatric Mental Health.

Located in Los Angeles, California

Dr. Trader began providing services in XXXX (year). He continues to provide top quality mental health services throughout Los Angeles. Services include diagnostic evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, behavior management consultation, dementia evaluation, ageing with vitality solutions and facilitation of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. A patient, family member, staff member, or primary care physician may request his services.

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Dr. Trader provides specialty psychiatric services including expert psychiatric evaluations for medico-legal matters pertaining to the elderly.

Areas of expertise include the impact of mental and neurological illnesses on testamentary capacity, financial capacity, marital capacity, conservatorships, and vulnerability to undue influence.

Ageing with Vitality

We’re all older than we were yesterday, and younger than we’ll be tomorrow.

In sessions with Dr. Trader, you’ll find practical tools to strengthen your attitude with positive self-talk and much, much more.
Aging with Vitality addresses true underlying causes of health issues related to aging, instead of just treating the associated symptoms.

The number of senior citizens is on the rise: In 2010, there were 40.3 million people aged 65 and above, comprising 13% of the overall population. (This total is 12 times the number it was in 1900, when this group constituted only 4.1% of the population.) By 2050, projections indicate the population over 65 will comprise 20.9% of the population.*

Choose to remain young or become younger for years or even decades by making changes in how you live. These changes, not so surprisingly, involve exercise, nutrition, and your emotional health.

*2014 Census Bureau report: “65+ in the United States: 2010″

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